• Name: Sheva
  • Crew: BWF D2F
  • City/country: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
  • Active since: I did my first terrible piece in 2003 in Madison, Wisconsin… I hate admitting that though.
  • Favorite surface: Before switching the I to an E, I had preferred trains and painting in numbers. However, in 2014 while living in South America I began to appreciate walls. Between the solitude of living away from home and the plethora of available wall space, I started to draw a lot more and a lot more intricately. Plus, back in the US: finding, lurking and painting the walls of abandoned properties is just the greatest thing ever.
  • Personal motivation: I am motivated by my extremely patient friends who encourage me to sit down and create; my awesome bike, which is always there to boost me up when height is lacking and takes me safely to fun places; and above all, my beloved crew of Boys With Feelings who always go out and encourage me to get up.

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