Picture by Enrique Muda.

It’s quite possible that the fifth edition of the Ús festival in Barcelona was the most unique so far. In its aim to give use to spaces in disuse, this street art festival’s 2018 proposal couldn’t have chosen a better location: the Modelo prison in Barcelona. Having closed in 2017, the penitentiary centre is located in the l’Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona, and has already been used on other occasions as a setting for cultural acts.

Murals in process on the exterior wall (picture by Enrique Muda)

Matu in action (picture by Anna Roca)

More than 20,000 people attended the different activities carried out from October 2 to 7. The program was divided into different sections including, of course, murals (done around the perimeter of the building), installations, film screenings, talks, workshops, markets and concerts.

Margalef installation (picture by Enrique Muda).

Dani el Rojo at Bornay installation (picture by Enrique Muda).

Ampparito (picture by Enrique Muda).

James D Barranger in action (picture by Enrique Muda).

Úxperience installation by Domestic Data Streames (picture by Enrique Muda).

Museless show (picture by Enrique Muda).

This year Montana Colors’ role went beyond the usual logistic support. The central space of the prison was transformed into an artistic gallery during the 5 days of the ÚS festival. The curatorial team made up of Jordi Rubio i Rocabert and the Montana Colors head of culture, Marc Mascort i Boix, brought a selection of works by different artists to the prison walls that were chosen from the Montan Colors art collection, under the title EngARTjolats.

EngARTjolats exhibition (picture by Enrique Muda).

Sainer (picture by Enrique Muda).

The title of the exhibition refers to the prison context and society’s willingness to label as vandals and put behind bars, all those who make public space their canvas. Among the works on display are pieces by artists such as Os Gemeos, Aryz, Belin, MuretzSebas Velasco, Sainer and Fasim.

Sebas Velasco (picture by Enrique Muda).

Belin and Muretz (picture by Enrique Muda).

To sum up this fantastic experience, the ÚS platform has published a wonderful video that will make you regret not having gone to jail. As well as the pictures we include.

MTN Water Based 300 (picture by Anna Roca).

Twee Muizen (picture by Anna Roca).

James D Barranger (picture by Enrique Muda).

Kevin Ledo (picture by Álvaro Castillo).

Matu (picture by Álvaro Castillo).

Public concert (picture by Enrique Muda).

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