We approached Joder Saiz, a writer and tattoo artist from Murcia who has been painting in the streets for 18 years, in hopes to get to know his work a little better.

Hear it from him in his own words:
Half of JODER SAIZ is my name. It’s been about 18 years since I started painting in the street but I’ve been writing “SAIZ” since 2014. At the beginning I only painted figurative images but little by little I included basic typography into my compositions in a simple and direct way; simple forms that you can easily recognize with some sort of small modification to give it a more personal touch. “I like the way the organic can be combined with the rigid, the living with the dead”.

I live and was born in Murcia, surrounded by orchards, and I suppose that’s where my taste for organic shapes and loose lines comes from.
Currently I’m very focused on my tattoo work although I never leave aside what I like to do the most; painting walls, always in the company of friends and fresh air.

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