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    Published by on 20 de December de 2013 at 14:00

    Daily MTN

    Ono’u is the First International Graffiti Festival in Tahiti, sponsored by Montana Colors and Allcity, and will be held on the 10th and 11th of May in Papeete. It’s a unique festival within Polynesia and will host an International Graffiti Competition in which 24 artists will compete.

    In addition to live painting by writers from all over the world, there’ll be a Graffiti Village with expositions, projections, and workshops. The infrastructure will cover 1500m2.

    24 artists will be selected to participate in the competition: 19 international artists and 5 Polynesians. They’ll each have the opportunity to be take part in the qualifying rounds and then the competition final in Toata. A judging panel made up of renowned artists specializing in urban art, as well as personalities from the world of art and culture, will evaluate the quality of the pieces to decide on the winner. The generous cash prize will be divided out to the top 3 finalists in this way:

    First prize: $10,000
    Second prize: $5,000
    Third prize: $2,500

    To enter the competition, before the deadline of the 31st of January 2014, click on the following link: Ono’u Competition 2014.

    If you want more info about the contest, festival, or complete event program, you can visit the website and Facebook page.


    Published by on 20 de December de 2013 at 9:00

    Daily MTN

    Showing that graffiti is truly central in recent artistic production, deploying their powerful,  expressive, poetic, critical and playful vectors… we can track an important vein of ‘objectualisation’ in the contemporary movement. Without any doubt, Joro (Gandia, 1988) has a starring role in this journey.



    Published by on 19 de December de 2013 at 21:00

    Daily MTN

    Titling an exposition as surprising as Spok‘s ‘Vertedero‘ (Landfill) seems like an act of irony. On Thursday the 12th of December at Montana Gallery Barcelona, the graffiti writer and artist presented a series of pieces which propose deep reflections on the universe of graffiti and his personality.

    His characteristic super realistic surrealism, compositions of fluorescent colors and other surprising installations await us all at the first solo exposition by the Madrid native, where technique, experimentation and absurd meet.

    We’ll leave you with some photos of the opening.


    Published by on 19 de December de 2013 at 17:19

    Daily MTN

    The American writer, Paul SONE, decided to send us the four day diary of his experience in ART BASEL in Miami. Today we have a brief introduction and the first day. Thanks for the collaboration Paul!

    This was my first Art Basel in Miami Beach this year. Before I left for Miami I spent time hearing about it from Sueme and Ensoe and what to expect when I got there, where to go, what to eat and who to talk to. So many valuable pointers that became very much real when I found myself walking in the heart of Wynwood art district with Soak and Theme. We all knew this was going to be huge.  We were those “kids in a candy store”.

    Day 1

    We started Art Basel by meeting up with Miss Reds CBS at the 004 Shop on N Miami Avenue. This location became a central meeting point through out our time in Miami as it was literally in the heart of Wynwood.   Shortly after we met up with Grabs FDC who was with Rekal, Tubs, Kems, Perv and Jick. They had a production going right next to where Reds had set us up to paint just east of the shop towards the highway.

    This was also the day I finally got to meet one of my favourite writers Musa71 from Barcelona.  It was another huge moment for me as we had done a few exchanges throughout the year and her sketches really pushed me into another direction when it came to colours and layering.  She introduced me to Sloke who was painting with her and Sril and then told me Jase was looking for us.  It was pretty cool to hear that. We had a some beers and passed around the black book when we finally met Jase. I asked to him to sign the book and we talked about trains and more trains. He then took me, Soak and Theme to the car where told to grabs some cans and a tee. Wow. This was all the first day.  For me, it was pretty amazing to experience all that especially after missing my flight and arriving late.  We jumped in a cab back to the hotel to clean up and grab more paint and then set out back to 004 Shop.  At this point we knew we needed to get a rental car.  We stayed at our hotel after walking around Wynwood for a few hours. We needed the rest if we were to have a solid day, but we still found some train tracks to sit and smoke to end the night.


    Published by on 19 de December de 2013 at 14:05

    Daily MTN

    2013 seems to have been a very productive year for the Italian writer, Brus. His extreme style has become an international focus for its high quality wildstyle. But his prolificacy on walls and trains is also of considerable merit, and it is what lead him to become a part of the MOAS group, as he writes about in his latest blog post.

    Here are some images which give a brief summary of what he’s been up to during his stay in Miami for Art Basel.

    When I heard about Art Basel, I never thought it was so great, people around the city painting giant walls, parties everywhere, an experience that everyone should live, which opens up your mind in the field of graffiti and beyond. I hope next year the festival should give more spaces for the original graffiti, because this is what we really like.’

    Brus SDT MOAS


    Published by on 18 de December de 2013 at 15:14

    Daily MTN

    ‘We live in an era of decadence, in a false democracy in which the feeling is brewing that we either have to make a change or the world will explode. In the same way that ‘zero tolerance’ towards graffiti was enacted which caused us all to do even more graffiti bombing, the limiting of our liberties is provoking a reawakening in our generation, a political spirit once more fitting to that our parents’ youth. To oppose the political apathy and the effects of codeine, ‘El Montana’ Cafe-bar presents its new collective exposition ‘Got Any Change?’ (Tens Canvi?), for which an ample group of artists and future stars gathered to seek change, through the medium of illustration and painting.’

    Roger S. i R. (Colectivo NEWNOW). Photo by Street Gato.

    Alberto de Blobs / Alguien de aqui / Al Uno / Cruyfoner / Eduardo MierFátima de Juan / Fmf / Ibie / Keis / O-D / Oriol Last Minute / Pau MF / Putchy / Ringo / SAWE / Stain / Street gato / Roger Newwwonka / Yubia

    * We support purchase of original art, with reasonable prices that respect the amount of creative work invested.

    > Event on Facebook

    To liven up the opening party, there’ll be performances by Cecilio G and DJ Sax, who’ll be presenting their new piece, ‘Robots N’ Unicorns’, produced by KUOR.

    And for the cherry on top, NEWNOW have produced a ‘zine’, along with COLORVISION, with collages by Newwonka made up of all the exposition pieces, previous flyers, photos of the process, and the work spaces of the participants.