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    Daily MTN, Interviews

    Yo 123Klan!
    -Can you guys explain what’s behind the design you realized for your MTN Limited Edition? everything went smooth or you had some beef before agreeing the final idea?

    The idea behind the design we made is all about hip hop. We picked up gold color because everything we touch turned gold.



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    Daily MTN

    Montana Colors is proud to present three new limited editions, expanding the range of artists who have left their mark on these unique aerosols.
    The California artist and designer Madsteez, the urban artist C215 and the duo Scien and Klor known also as 123Klan are the newest additions. Three artistic identities that offer a variety of styles for all tastes.

    Mark Paul Deren aka Madsteez is a versatile artist and designer based in California. Known for his large-scale productions, often mixing familiar characters and weird figures in abstract landscapes. In his latest works, his portraits of chromatic quirky characters feature personages of the popular culture of the 90′s (Eazy E or Bill Cosby). For this limited edition Madsteez has chosen the always friendly Carlton Banks, played by actor Alfonso Ribeiro in the legendary series ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’.

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    Daily MTN

    The subway writer Jonk from Madrid has been interviewed for the blog Pintar O Morir. Apart from presenting a very interesting reflection on how train and metro painting has evolved through the generations, he also shared an incredible story.

    In the old times people left alone the spots for some time before returning, you let them ¨rest¨….. now people go all the time, at all hours (…) When I started this I liked to mess with the security guards, cleaning personnel and  drivers, there was a war going on between us and them… Now some people pay or barter for painting a mural or  whatsapp for information with guards and maintenance staff so they can let them paint… I think we should rethink if anything is acceptable when it comes to painting a car. For me the essence of graffiti on trains is its illegality, the satisfaction of doing a good mission circumventing security measures and creating a mess for the guards or police…

    The first time I painted in The Tube, I got caught red-handed, still they let me keep the photo and told me the next time I´d spend a month at the joint. I turned a deaf ear  XD and continued painting with the same signature, and one day I was about to enter a garage I saw 3 security cars burning tires on the side, almost next to me;  I thought running was useless and I started thinking that a month of intensive English was not actually such a bad idea. The police were already beside me as they had seen people running, they asked me to show them what was in the backpack.  I had sprays of course and shears, the perfect first class ticket for a great holiday. Suddenly that famous bulb went on in my head, so I said I  was a lost tourist in a residential neighborhood at 3 in the morning .. lol!, and oh!, I had seen kids with bags running around the corner of the first street on the right!  Was I sure? Absolutely! Yet I had to show them the  backpack, so I opened the small pocket of my North Face and there was only a bottle of water and a handkerchief… without further ado they ran in the direction I had told them. In complete disbelief I just kept on walking aimlessly, a bus passed by and I got on it feeling reborn again!

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    Daily MTN

    Mass Appeal has posted the following article about Cope2, a theme that appears on the cover of The Infamous Magazine. Sacha Jenkins interviews the Puerto Rican from Bronx on everything interesting from his role as an artist to his presence on the e-net or the rumors about his sneak tips.
    Read below some of the most interesting fragments from the interview…

    ‘That throw-up, I’ve made it famous to the point where it has history behind it. It’s a throw-up that’s been through bombing trains and beefs in the streets and having wars with other writers on the trains and in the street.’

    (about ‘I mean, it’s cool. I don’t care. They’re not disrespecting me; it’s kind of funny. I ‘d rather them do that than write some shit about, “Aww, Cope’s a rat, Cope’s a snitch,” which people have been saying for years.’

    ‘Right now I’m in court – I’m in Supreme Court – because I won’t snitch. They literally want me to give someone up and because I won’t give someone up they indicted me on some buffed trains they say I did – which I didn’t. It’s a fucked up situation, you know, but it’s not my fault. Someone got me into the mix with some e-mails. People talk all this shit about snitch this, snitch that. You don’t need to snitch on anyone today. People have to understand this: You snitch on yourself. Once you get on the Internet and you’re e-mailing your trains to someone else – and you’re posing in front of these trains – you’re done.’

    ‘I’ve been locked up and did a little 90 days, 60 days, for racking, for fighting, for robbing. I’ve got pictures of me in prison, and I’ll probably post one for this interview so people can shut up. People don’t know my personal life, they don’t know my history. And that’s why I really don’t sweat it, because my fam knows the deal. That’s just the world of graffiti. Everything’s just about hating and shit talking.’

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    Daily MTN

    As you might already know, Montana Colors collaborated during this years XGAMES held in Barcelona last week. During four days Montana was responsible for organizing a long line of activities related to graffiti with live painting and exhibitions with top quality crews like Hawaii Computers and GFM. Also some artists dropped in to represent for example Russia and Venezuela, and to represent home ground we had help from Kapi.

    Many of the actions where made on Cellograff, taking advantage of the columns made by japanese sculpture artist Aiko Miyawaki which was raised here for the olympics. The ‘metal forest’ came to live in full color and created an interesting and playful contrast.

    Meanwhile, about 200 m away from this intervention other artists worked on a 18 m long x 2,5 m high mural in wood made to the occasion. On this wall three productions was made, one for each day of the event, all by the local crews we just mentioned. To complete the exceptional ambience of graffiti created during the event, we also held a spot for customizing boards for the skaters through a improvised workshop next to out official stand. Next to this Sawe also put together a ‘Face in hole‘ and a mural made of the classic ‘Hello my name is’ stickers for all the assistants to leave their mark on.

    Here we leave some pics of what went down for all of you who couldn’t make it there, all from setting the event up to the final results which you will all see soon enough through the video that Edgar Lledó is preparing for us.

    Special thanks to all the writers and artists that participated, to Edgar Lledó, to all the carpenters that made the mural, to the whole Montana staff that was involved and thanks to the organization for counting on us.

    We all feel the desire to repeat this experience!


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    Daily MTN

    The urban artist and writer H101 from Madrid lives since a long time in Barcelona and is not until now presenting his new personal webpage.

    The web introduces you to his colorful universe of tribal influences and shows us all from pieces and different interventions to his artwork.

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