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    Published by on 15 de October de 2013 at 21:00

    Daily MTN

    Apart from chestnuts and sweet potatoes, the mushroom season is also part of the good things brought to us by the autumn. The inhabitants of Vic knows exactly what I’m talking about, and even more after the festival ‘Da Bridge is Over’: The great group of writers which the festival united was to good to not take advantage of for another second mural as a ‘after party’. Saico, Rage, Peter, Zoer, Reso, Morta, Brus, Musa and Demon took it in their hands to make this second fantastic mural.

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    Published by on 15 de October de 2013 at 17:16

    Daily MTN

    Next out from the Black Magic crew to show us his interpretations of his friends pieces is the tireless Crime.

    Known for many other names through which he gained a lot of respect and reputation, Crime is has a unconditional love for graffiti… struck by graffiti fever. He  is a case of a person who has a lot to say, but even more to paint.

    To me Black Magic is more than a crew, its a team. A team where no one has to tell the other what to do, we are all “older” now, and we know what to do, go out without any lazy attitude, without expecting any calls from anyone else. Only you yourself has the key to yourself. The magic is ours. It is like a time bomb: Go out painting or explode. I don’t need the help from anyone else to go out painting and do what i like doing… This is magic, this is what it is all about.

    We create magic wherever, whenever and most importantly is doing it for the love of art… I don’t accept excuses, It is worth nothing to me, and I hear a lot of people who always has an excuse. It is a word I hate. There is always time for everything in life, dinners, parties, messing around… All this but not graffiti? I don’t  believe in it, and this is why I consider myself a magician of color. My ego deals with this every day. Not because of all the “likes” you get on Facebook or any other type of props on any web…

    I know I might sound like I’m bitching, but this is like a drug, and I see it as a good drug. Really good. And this crew is going to kill your eyes with color because we are here to give it a 100%, or at least try to, and I think my crew backs me up in this, between all of us we have something in common. Nothing will stop us, and we will never make excuses for doing what we most love doing in life. The energy of this team can be a explosion of color and happiness for the grey toned surfaces in this world…. I think I said it all.
    Black Magic… 2013, Forwards soldiers!


    Speaking of this challenge, its the bomb. I think no one in this world has done something as “all out” as this, and so inspired. We are giving it all. We all have stuff we have to do, some of us has kids to take care of, but this is in motion now, and I believe that it is a great merit to put up goals like this in life. You can’t just sit still and have a beer in the park and smoke a spliff: This is why you need a challenge to make you feel that you have accomplished something. And what better way than doing what you most love to do?
    “Graffiti for life”. Black Magic is THE magic. between all of us we can.
    Greetings to all those who puts up with me on a daily basis!
    Crime Black Magic











    Published by on 15 de October de 2013 at 13:12

    Daily MTN

    Six month ago the video ’1UP x Grifters Code – Verry Good Guys‘ was release. Funny as usual, didn’t show even a little part of the action announced in the previous trailer.

    Half a year later a new video under the same title, labeled Part 1, and they’ll give it everything they have got. The 1Up and Boris with the local crew REIS have checkmated Lisbon City: Street, pieces, chrome burners, rooftops, trains, subways, extinguisher tags…
    In the end, pure and raw graffiti with the unmistakable signature of quality and good mood of The Grifters.

    YouTube Preview Image


    Published by on 14 de October de 2013 at 21:00

    Daily MTN

    Chile Estyle‘ is a project supported by Montana Colors which will be released the 16th of October through a crowd-funding campaign at Indiegogo. The theme of the project is the production of a documentary about the history of graffiti and mural painting in Chile.

    Behind the camera we find the canadian producer Pablo Aravena, who earlier approached the theme of urban art in his documentary ‘Next, a Primer on Urban Painting‘, in 2008.

    The campaign will last six weeks, until the end of November. The people which will support the project through donations will be offered different compensations such as shirts, stickers, copy’s of the documentary or works and screen prints by the artists starring the project such as Inti, Zekis, Fisek

    To continue we have a couple of teasers where we can see Saile, 78, Reks, Ha, Zekis and Mono Gonzalez.

    YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

    For more information:

    Twitter: @chileestyle


    Published by on 14 de October de 2013 at 18:14

    Daily MTN

    It has been a little over a year since Black Magic exists, even if the writers of this crew has been active longer than most. Black Magic is a group of spanish writers with over 20 years of practice on their backs. Crime ( Madrid), Smote (Elche), Hen (Barcelona), Jank (Santander), Nexie (Barelona), Noise (Barcelona), Ms1 (Málaga), Musa(Barcelona), Ovas (Palma de Mallorca), Razer (Madrid) and Sher (Zaragoza). Each writer with their own style and personal twist, but all of them with a common vision.

    Some months back they decided to challenge each other. The challenge consisted of that each writer of the group had to make one piece of each tag of all the other members. 10 pieces in total, to show their homage and respect to their fellow crew members. The whole crew now finally have the results of their challenge… Everyday we will show you the results of one writer at a time.

    To begin with we will present the results of Fons aka Smote. This sneaky writer has presented all of his crew members through one big composition, a truly smart and comfortable way to go through with his task. And the result is quite satisfying…

    Attitude, brotherhood, sticks, arrows, colors, frog eyes, marihuana, skinny banana, style, letters, stars, characters, one of Dondi’s hairs, a page from Spraycan Art… And now I can’t remember what more I threw in the pot to cook up this spell… But the incantation came out in the form of graffiti.

    Smote, Blackmagic crew

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    Published by on 14 de October de 2013 at 12:28

    Daily MTN

    As every Monday…