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    Published by on 20 de August de 2013 at 13:34

    Daily MTN

    In Great Britain you have to take good care of any of the few sunny days you get in a year, and what better way to do just that than through make a colorful mural like this one made by DILK, NAWT and CRASE with Hardcore 2‘s in their hands. Thanks to our friends and distributors in Nottingham for sharing this with us! (Click to enlarge the image)


    Published by on 19 de August de 2013 at 12:14

    Daily MTN

    I don’t hate Mondays. Mondays hate me…


    Published by on 18 de August de 2013 at 17:00

    Articles, Daily MTN

    Text by Alberto F.

    Last 11th of August the international graffiti community received a tragic news. Early in the morning, Israel Hernandez, alias Reefa, a 18 y.o. young writer, died due to a cardiac arrest during a contact with the Miami police. Sources say that, after having been caught painting in an abandoned McDonalds establishment and behind a long chase through several private properties, the young man had been shot in his chest with a taser, which discharge was deadly for him. The friends who accompanied Hernandez painting, claim to have witnessed the police swagger after having pulled down the boy.
    Without wishing to use such a sad news to deliver careless judgments, it might be appropriate to reason out this unfortunate event. (more…)


    Published by on 17 de August de 2013 at 17:00

    Daily MTN

    For the 50th birthday of Kel First, Mare139 has posted on his blog at 12Oz an interview with  this old school New Yorker for ArtCrimes. As always, we bring you images and fragments of the best parts…

    ‘One of the most prolific Style Masters of his generation he best known for his productions on all city subway lines. Bowing out graciously after a long and productive career he graduated from Parsons School of Design with a degree in Communication Design and along with me became the first digital media advocates for Hip Hop culture in the very early 90s, we were the first to bring the culture online and into interactive media.’ (Mare139)

    ‘Of all the writers I shared the iron sides with, the most impactful was Dondi. He had a sense of control and understanding that missed most. His attention to detail and fine lines separated his work from the pack. A signature trademark was the continuity he kept in his work when painting in groups of two or more.

    (throw ups and tags are…)’The signatures of graffiti, the marks that get you noticed and help determine your place in the food chain.
If your tag was weak you were immediately pushed to the back of the class and you took a whole lot of sh!t for it on the way.
    The shapes make sense, the colors complement their message and the roaring train makes their presence felt. The lines and their connections lead the visitor on a ride as wild as the train they rode in on.

    (Favorite bombing memory) ‘Hitting Esplanade layup and having done a top-2-bottom end-2-end, and a half top-2-bottom, and three window-down wild styles. And then upon leaving the tunnel, I see two more wild-style whole cars I did with Cos 207 and Shy 147 laid up. Unfortunately, the pieces were crossed out. But still, in all, I had the most. (5 window-down whole cars and one-and-a-half top-2-bottom whole cars all done in the same week!). All new work with a group of about 12 top-notch writers coming out of the tunnel.’


    Published by on 17 de August de 2013 at 9:00

    Daily MTN

    Modern Graffiti’ is the title of this interesting video made by the Polish crew OCS. Inspired by the cut and paste commands for Windows they present a frequent fantasy of most train writers: Multiplying their train pieces in a simple way, the same way as when you press the keys on your computer…


    Published by on 16 de August de 2013 at 21:00

    Daily MTN

    Our favorite twins have surprised us with a new collaboration…

    Now the brothers have taken on their most unique project to date: creating a new, limited edition bottle for Hennessy’s V.S cognac. Inspired by the elegance, tradition and smoothness of Hennessy V.S, Os Gêmeos’s design invokes the vibrant, eclectic style that has come to define all of the duo’s work.Highsnoviety