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    Published by on 20 de June de 2013 at 18:01

    Daily MTN, three aces

    Every writer has a different way of assimilating their own work. Some proudly display their pieces, others more self-demanding never seem satisfied with what they do. And of course there are those who would not care much about the aesthetic result of their graffiti. But without exception, they all have some works which they feel dearly for and remember always with great fondness. They are the favorite pieces.
    We are now setting up a section in which any writer can show the 3 pieces he/she likes best out of all their published material.
    A piece can be regarded as a favorite for its sketch, color, location it was made or simply for the story behind it that the picture could not capture. In any case it is a good way to understand the tastes of the writer in question and also remember that every piece of graffiti that we see is much more than a few colors applied to a surface.

    This is Rosy One‘s choice:



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    Daily MTN

    Is there any better way to celebrate the new distribution of Montana Colors in Korea than with a great party? Last Saturday the 15th they held a show with live graff put together by JNJ Crew, Mad Victor, three Djs (Dj Wreckx, Dj Noah, Dj Dust) and a great line up of artists like VandalJinsbh, Spiv, Six Coin and more… heres the pics to show you what was up.


    Published by on 19 de June de 2013 at 21:00

    Daily MTN

    After having come back from Turkey Inti brought with himself a bunch of nice photos of his last work. The wall he made is one of the four urban art works made in the turkish capital for the festival Mural-Istanbul.


    Published by on 19 de June de 2013 at 17:51

    Daily MTN

    The repression that exceeds the Brittish legislation on the subject of graffiti is nothing new. Noir was condemned to 16 months in prison, Hoover got another 16 months, and the latest one to go is Oker that got nothing less than 2 years behind bars. They are all examples of the unjust power that is being used against graffiti writers in Great Britain. Convictions at the height of serious crimes for graffiti related crimes in a supposed to be developed country like England.

    The case of Vamp is with no doubt the most surprising one of them all. Respected photographer and father of two, is now facing 3 and a half years of imprisonment for damages to the amount of 250,000 pounds. At the same time, as we could have expected, the Brittish media is applauding this type of measures while dramatizing and making exaggerations about graffiti in their papers, and especially in the case of Vamp.


    Published by on 19 de June de 2013 at 9:00

    Daily MTN

    A quite different publicity campaign made for Coca Cola in Mongolia produced by Void Animation Studio. Don’t miss it!

    YouTube Preview Image


    Published by on 18 de June de 2013 at 23:02

    Daily MTN

    DefKids contains Puse, Sept, Nozm and occasionally Skaz and Dase join us for a beer or two and some fresh burners. Most of us are from a town called Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. We like to travel, see new places, meet new people and drink shitloads of beer. So where better to go than BCN right?
    We hooked up with Noble from the FC crew. He show us some nice spots to paint in Barcelona. Musa also took care of us for a day and took us to a brilliant spot.
    The first day Noble took us to a wall to paint with Magik77, Sacke13, Ronwe, Stor, Sande. The next day  we were fortunate enough to paint a wall with Musa.
    The third day Noble took us to a huge hall of fame just outside of barca with walls that seemed to go on for miles and miles. Banek, Tontos and Magik77 also showed up to do some nice pieces on a sunny afternoon.
    An old friend of ours moved to barcelona years ago and was kind enough, to take us to a weird party with cheap booze. So thank you Timon for showing us your town!

    Published by on 18 de June de 2013 at 23:02