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    Published by on 27 de July de 2013 at 9:00

    Daily MTN

    Not long ago we invited a new writer to have a spot on one of our MTN Blogs: Aper. He has opened his new platform with a pic of a german train. Also he has dedicate a post to Dare (RIP), and another one with a silver piece, throw-ups and a swiss ‘nina’ train. ¡Unstoppable!

    And also this is good moment to notify about the latest updates on the rest of the blogs… Towns posted a review of his visit to Paris with a bunch of pictures and a really nice piece.

    And when it comes to Sueme it seems that he is enjoying the summer heat all the way. The amount of pieces he has posted is the proof we get. In his last update he has shared a really strange clip

    Last but not least BRK192 brought us a whole collection of pics, drawings and random photography, all of this to the sounds of Tito Puente at Sesame Street.


    Published by on 26 de July de 2013 at 21:00

    Daily MTN

    Out of all the tribute paintings to the late writer Nekst this must be the most surprising one: More than 20 pieces with the letters NEKST made by writers like Rime, Chaos, Dabs & Myla, Vizie… These five letters has never been made with so much variety and style at the same time.


    Published by on 26 de July de 2013 at 16:00

    Daily MTN

    Element Tree with the american brand from Seattle Art Primo got together to make this sensational video starring writer Acroe. 8 Minutes of nighttime bombing…


    Published by on 26 de July de 2013 at 12:12

    Daily MTN, Testings

    Imagine yourself walking home alone or with someone. A couple meters away from you someone is painting a shutter or a wall. We are telling you this because we know you didn’t notice what happened, you didn’t see it.

    But don’t judge yourself: it is not only that you don’t look… He hides well, and its your mind that is playing tricks on you. He stays in your blind spot so you can’t interpret what you are seeing.
    And, as if it wasn’t enough all ready, he manages to keep his calm, like if he was convinced he was doing something with no guilt.He acts cool and with complete confidence because the trick is to not make any sudden movements, not letting yourself be seen.
    You did not see anything!

    This is Coun and he tried out the new Hardcore chrome.

    This new chrome covers well, the line is fat and clean; it spreads a bit more than the old one, and also it dries fast enough to make lines without having to wait a while.

    Many of you remember Coun, the tireless bomber from the basque country, and this time we can see him through the work of Jaleo’s Productions. Let’s watch it again…


    Published by on 25 de July de 2013 at 21:00

    Daily MTN

    The last interview over at Graffitiblackblog was made with italian writer Mindone VLOK RT. The interview was made in the native language of the writer, Italian. This is why we only bring you some translated fragments of the text.

    Where I coome from, I was the first one start painting, around 1987 it was. I was always curios about graffiti, and one day in 1991 I found WildStyle in the video store, then I began my travels within the world of graffiti.

    My borthers from my first crew WAP was essential for me as a writer, same as the man who brought WildStyle to B.Beach video store, even if he probably would not be answering these questions.

    My first pieces I made back in 1991, sporadically painting up until 1993… I also did other stuff like skating, and I sang in a hardcore punk band… even if I mostly listened to rap. All the time I was sketching though. In 1994 I went to the Caterina de Siena institute which back then was infested with writers. Through this I had the opportunity to enter the Milan graffiti scene with some of the future VDS guys, which consequently meant painting like crazy.’

    ‘Even if graffiti is full posers and ass lickers i think that it is the most beautiful drug that exists.’


    Published by on 25 de July de 2013 at 19:05

    Daily MTN

    If you thought that the VERSUS project had come to its end you where far from right. Stay alert for what is coming this week when we continue the with new clips of great writers of international fame showing their skills with our new Hardcore 2 range. There is still many colors to try out, and even more writers to come… Without further ado, first out we will have a famous Swiss writer over to show his techniques with the high pressure pride of MTN… So stay put!

    Until then we make a brief review of some of the features on the first edition of VERSUS