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    Published by on 19 de September de 2016 at 21:22

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    In the beginning of July we showed you a handful of images from the Dourone intervention for the Tuneldabadaba project. Now it’s time to appreciate this project located in the tunnel of the famous Donosti (San Sebastian) concert hall in its entirety, and from a broader perspective.
    The idea came from the artist, Fede Sánchez, who together with the help of Montana Colors, gathered different urban artists together whom over the year have intervened on the romantic tunnel’s walls. Shepard Fairey, Grems, Julián Lonrenzo and Stéphane Carricondo are some of the names that are transforming the passage way into an authentic street level gallery.
    The initiative intends to inspire other European cities and promote interest and support for urban art.

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    The initiatives keeps flourishing in Latvia in terms of promoting graffiti. The last intervention was a jam held during the 10th and the 11th of September in Riga, organized by in the Maza Krasta street tunnel. These images is a god way to get a glimpse of this great event.

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    Published by on 17 de September de 2016 at 17:00

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    Name: Jase – Kire

    Crew: BFC – BP

    Active since: 1990

    Location: El Vallès, Barcelona

    Favourite surface: Depende del momento.

    Personal motivation: Many, one of them is to keep on sharing with friends and people all those good moments we can enjoy thanks to graffiti. (more…)


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    The Asalto Festival of Zaragoza started today and will last until the 25th of next week. In this ninth edition, Montana Colors is once again participating on various levels. Seven murals, ten interventions, six workshops, and nine conferences -among them one will be featuring the Montana Colors director, Jordi Rubio- will be given during the days of Asalto that this time will be bringing interesting artists of the likes of Elian, Aryz, San, Borondo and Erica Guillen.


    The eminently multidisciplinary nature of Asalto has accommodated all kinds of artistic disciplines. Architecture, mural painting, stencil work, advertising graphics, performances, post-graffiti, video projections, photography, landscape painting, product and graphic design, interior design, installation, and music are a few of the professional fields that are represented by artists and creative people who will encounter a unique opportunity in Zaragoza to create a dialogue with visitors, users, and passersby. It’s a non-unidirectional experience. The situations and their participants become part of the art work and action as a whole. 


    Published by on 16 de September de 2016 at 21:00

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    The third episode of “LA PINTURA” has brought us to the city of Montevideo in Uruguay. It’s a scenario in which the graffiti game has some particularly special conditions. This is the shocking story of the third installment, of an ambitious and captivating cinematographic quality.

    “Being pointed at by a policeman’s gun, hit by another vehicle, or climb five stories up a building on its exterior, they are just things that randomly happen.”

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