Blake DVS was doing some nice work shops around the Gaza strip earlier this year with a good mix of artists out of London, UK. We are all pretty much familiar with whats going down with the oppression forced upon Palistine by Isreal…so we feel a strong dedication to try and offer some sort of escape from the daily suffering that the young ones experience in this region. Blake sent us a few photos of his stay out there, representing hard for Montana Colors…much love to our distributer in Tel-Aviv Capzoola for taking on such a big roll at this event. Thanks to you Blake…some time small gestures add up so much and have such an impact on us it feels like the powers above can´t say nuthin´!

Piece done in Zubidat a Village next to Jericho. Written in Arabic and English.

Kids of Jenin

Balata girl´s school.

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