ROID, the incombustible outer-space surfer, representative of the MSK crew from the UK and member of Heavy Artillery, has just sent us a new video. This time he´s done it over a dirty dub-step beat along with Town RT and audiovisual production from Hot One Ten, all the while armed with Alien and MTN 94.

You can also read (do it if you already haven´t) a test in Getnloose as well as see him during last month´s trip to Paris, Montpellier and Milan with the rest of the crew. He also hooked up with the Heavy Artillery crew in Brighton in order to support the expo ¨Haters¨, and some of his prints from last winter in London were on display to promote the launch of the ¨super-clean¨ book, Crack n´Shine in an event organized by the on-line gallery TopSafe.

This dude is on a non-stop roll! We´ll see what he surprises us with next… Thanks big ¨R¨!!!

* London

* Brighton

* Milano

* With Aryz & Dreph

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