Patrice Poch got his start in painting at the end of the eighties. Before long his name rose up amongst well known writers who were responsible for starting the whole graffiti movement in France, based out of Paris. Since the latter part of the 90´s his work has included many collages, stenciling, posters and logos influenced by sub-cultures such as the Mods from the sixties and skin-head reggae or SKA.

The characteristic that sets him apart from the rest and has given him international fame is his representation of the 1980´s punk rock artists. A lot of those artists influenced him throughout his childhood and he has brought them to us through his art for the last 20 years.

This limited edition from Montana Colors is an example. Just another sample of the strength of iconographic symbols, and the effect that this has on time.

* MTN cans for collectors. Each special lithograph comes in its own individual box hand signed by the artist.
Limited edition -only 250 made.
Price: 10€
You can get it at our Montana Shops & Galleries.

A mural with his partner in crime Rock

and others from a trip to India…

and from “20 ans de graffiti” opening in Montana Shop Barcelona and Sevilla with Honet, RCF1 & Stak.

You can also read an interview at FATCAP.ORG or check the book “Teenage Kicks” published by Wasted Talent.

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