The XEKIN festival festival, located in Canet d´en Berenguer (a small town on the coast near Valencia), has seven consecutive years under its belt now. Even though the festival happened in mid August, we´d like to take this opportunity now to share some photos with you that came to us from Magenta Tarrega and the organization of the festival. Many writers from different areas all over Spain came to throw their style up on the wall. Just to name a few: Guos, Dona, Hanem, Drim, Escif, Pichi, Avo, Julieta, End, Deih, Dems, Rois, Fons, Aito, Aigor, Kies, Dulk, Fore, Belin, Myrhwan, Mankey, Dilm, Sear, Kuru, RJack,  Atek, Napo, Juer, Sher, Tiba, Isaac Mahow, Full, Miedo12, Graffilia, and Boa mistura.

Final wall video:

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