Thanks to Bates, we recently acquired a video after weeks of talking about the ESTRIA GRAFFITI BATTLE that took place on October 3rd in Oakland, California. We´re able to watch it via the Vimeo channel MYX TV.

The winner of the battle, Vyal One (Los Angeles), made an appearance along with judges such as Brisk One (Tribal SD) and the founder of the event, Estria.

Melanie Veloria produced the video, Jon Santos edited it and Jeo Perry filmed it.

We’d like to take this opportunity to leave you with a photo gallery as well.

1st Place Winner, Vyal One LOD of Los Angeles.

2nd Place Winner, Jher of Denver.

Kier of Salt Lake City and Costa Rica.

Lango of San Francisco and Brazil.

Siloette of San Francisco.

Prime 808 of Hawai’i.

Goser of San Francisco.

Ezra of Los Angeles.

Kode of the Bay Area.

Swype of San Jose.

Look EV of Hawai’i.

Tenfold DE of San Francisco.

Dime VE of Oakland.

Daz KS of Oakland.

Satyr Lords of San Francisco.

Twick ICP of San Francisco.

Defending champ, Vogue TDK of Oakland.

King 157 RTM of San Jose.

Emagn of Sacramento.

Wand TM7 of San Francisco.

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