There´s a reason to celebrate in Valencia this Friday for no other reason than the new independent contemporary art site getting started by the A LITTLE BEAT group. This collective first got its start as a zine, then they went cyber. So now we are hoping that they continue to take shape in Spain and keep calling attention to the ones who aren’t necessarily making lots of noise, but are definitely warranting sufficient argument for breaking barriers. Upon their public release, they´ll be coming out hard with coverage from the VLTRABOYS Dems and SozyOne Gonzalez expo, accompanied by the short film VLTRAJE Stealing Walls after its premiere in Barcelona.

This was so necessary.

* Here´s a video presentation featuring: Dems333, Jaba, SozyOne, Ausías Pérez.

Mr.Stare Studio
C/ Serpis, 3 bajo. T: (+34) 96 327 54 94

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