Inauguration: Friday the 12th of November 2010, from 7.30 pm.

Graffiti has no limits, you can work at it throughout your entire life. Playing with letters and writing our nicknames has let us writers be able to live a double life, where personal image takes the backseat and gives free rein to the alter-ego.

What we’ve done in our neighbourhoods with a felt-tip pen, a kanfort, a spray can, or any other type of gadget which we’ll invent, has allowed us to see life from another point of view, and share inexplicable moments with other writers, including those from other countries with whom we could only communicate using signs; the language of graffiti rises above the spoken language.

Art Transit is an exhibition of this language, where various writers from all over the world unite for the same reason; to create a small-scale replica of the New York subway system, using photos, pictures, sketches, etc…

The following artists all participated in Art Transit: 8A, Adios, Aeec, Agu, Alex, Amen, Ares, Arom, Asco, Bonim, Brake, Cide, Dark, Done, Dose, Eseon, Ezo, Fasim, Faty, Flash, Gauge, Golfa, Hen, Heroe, Hifo, Jeks, Kami13, Laser, Mets, Migas, Move, Musa, Nase, Nie, Noer, Ovas, Peps, Popay, Puppet, Rafles, Rase, S3M, Sarc, Secret, Sen2, Sheism, Sica, Sice, Slop, Sops, Tash, Thone, Tiger…

Production: LINEA 6.

Exposition from the 12th of November until the 6th of December.

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