Here are some blogs hanging about the net which you should really check out.

Quite a while ago, the graffiti writer, designer and illustrator Ana Langeheldt, LAHE, told us about his new blog.

“Sirena Abisal”

With Dems (2010)

“La memoria del laberinto” (Homage to Miguel Hernández. Elche, Alicante, 2010)

DEMS333 also decided to capture some of his work and put the photos online.

“Street Heroes Festival” (Bucarest)

“Tag & Graffiti” (Paris)

“O79”. 2 m x 2m, spray paint (Marsella)

“Vltraspector”. Espacio Espora (Madrid)

“Vltraspector”. Montana Shop & Gallery (Sevilla).

Another talent of the aerosol can is Mr. Woodland who sent us an email just a few days ago, telling us about his new online space.

“Autum Forest”

“Also known as…”

And finally, thanks to Velvet Liga, we found out about the creation of a blog of French golden boy, PRO176… ¡Amazing stuff!




To be continued…

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