As you all know, we recently began distributing in the Middle East and, as you can imagine, here the scene is very young, far from the 30 years of history which old Europe has behind it, ever since the arrival of the first graffiti photos and videos from the U.S.A.

We’ll keep you all posted with some samples of this young but empassioned scene. Keep it up, guys!

Amman´s (Jordan) Street Art Fair organized by Art Medium. Montana Colors organized workshops for local graffiti writers as Aro or crews like Acid to test MTN products.

Elie Zaarour is an airbrush artist from Beirut (Lebanon) who recently wanted to try MTN products.

Ashkeman Soldiers, twin brothers who also do rap in arabic, made a live graffiti drawing during the Fashion Daze event at Beirut Souks, one of the “trendiest” places in the city.

Below the line, The PG crew during the Redbull Stairway to Gemmeyze (Beirut).

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