Writers and tattoo artists from Madrid, Barcelona, and there surrounding areas have come together in a collective. You can check it out at the Montana Shop Madrid until Thursday. There you’ll be able to see names such as KNOW, ODIO, DENO, GORE, SINS, BRUJO, PANKEKE, CHANOK, 127 CREW (AMEN, REVE, SUR, HIFO), EL BARA, TUBI, JEOS, THOR, DONE, MAGIK, SUREK, APES, KEIS, BLOBS, BIZ, CAMUÑAS, RING, ZIRE, BRAZO DE HIERRO, PUKE, GOLFA, FATY, PACO, GNYO, MEGAN, SPERM, KANS, NORTE, RODRIGO D.C., ALLONE… They all represent a generation of artists that have shined and excelled on their home turf because of their talent and motivation. They are mostly graffiti lovers and self-made artists that will be showing the public the work they do in DINA4 format (standard European paper size), outside of the tattoo shop and while not in the streets.

* Sorry for those lowres images. We hope get something better soon…

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