From TODAY, the eagerly anticipated and critically acclaimed DVD “WHOLETRAIN” by Florian Gaag will go on sale globally.

If you are from Spain or Portugal, you can buy it online through

There are versions with subtitles in Spanish as well as thirteen other languages: English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). Furthermore, the DVD features an original soundtrack with tracks from recognized artists such as KRS-ONE, PLANET ASIA, AFU-RA, GRAND AGENT, TAME ONE, AKROBATIK, REEF THE LOST CAUZE, ROGER REKLESS, and EL DA SENSEI.

If you still haven’t seen WHOLETRAIN, we´ll leave you with the press release on the film to read and assure you that sometime next month in December, we will have a showing at MONTANA CAFE in Barcelona (Comerç, 4). Stay tuned!

With his fantastic cinema debut WHOLETRAIN Florian Gaag tells the story of a crew of four “writers” – David, Tino, Elyas and Achim – who observe the hierarchies, the values, the rules and the codes of the graffiti scene. Night after night they make off for the subway stations of the city, intent on leaving opulent images behind. But as another crew appears on the scene, and the four feel challenged, a creative battle ensues, one that will change the lives of these young people for ever.   We are confronted with life taken to the limit. Constantly on the edge of legality. Always on the run from the law.  Urban space must be reclaimed. Friends are made and lost. Unbridled creativity and doing things for the sheer love of it are watchwords too.

WHOLETRAIN is an exciting and emotionally gripping drama, one that explores for the first time the secret universe of the graffiti scene. The protagonists exist in a breathless state, suspended somewhere between two worlds: their day to day life, and their existence within the crew. Florian Gaag manages to recount a tale colored by tension and aggression. The result is a many-sided portrait of characters whose world has never been documented in this way before. Their subculture remains authentic and realistic. Edgy editing and grandiloquent camerawork, a pulsating soundtrack and an excellent ensemble of actors, make WHOLETRAIN a film experience not to be missed.

The soundtrack was written and produced by Florian Gaag, who worked with legendary figures like Hip Hop greats KRS-One,  Planet Asia, Afu-Ra, Grand Agent, Freddie Foxxx, O.C., Tame One, Akrobatik and El Da Sensei. Florian Gaag also collaborated with internationally renowned graffiti artists. Writers such as Neon, Won, Cemnoz, Pure and Ciel, who were responsible for the artwork.


“Florian Gaag has an excellent movie out. I am really proud to be part of that project. WHOLETRAIN is the dopest graffiti movie ever.  I would put WHOLETRAIN next to the great movies, right up next to ‘Style Wars’… WHOLETRAIN  really captured Hip Hop’s culture.” KRS ONE

“I saw WHOLETRAIN at S.O.B.’s in NYC. It was a great experience watching it. There was a tremendous amount of character development, interesting dialogue and a lot of story in it. It took real vision to make that world come alive like that. WHOLETRAIN is an impressive piece of work. It´s the only Graffiti-Movie that can follow in the footsteps of Wild Style.” CHARLIE AHEARN, Wild Style

“The social conflict between the protagonists is fascinating and allows one to take a look at the writers´real lives, their real characters, and real problems.  WHOLETRAIN is a great film that not only reflects writing culture but also leaves room to portray authentically the writers´ social reality.” HENRY CHALFANT, Subway Art, Style Wars.

“I loved the movie… WHOLETRAIN represented the scene the best – ever. It really captured what writers go through and their struggles; they were humanized, they weren’t caricatures. I appreciate that. I remember that it made me feel that I was there with those guys, living with those guys. It took me back to a time when I was living the way those kids were living. I thought it was very authentic in that sense.” KET

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