Montana Colors presents Wall2Wall, a scaled down version of a brick wall in which you can show off your finest sketches. Thanks to it´s handmade craftsmanship, as every piece will be original, it´ll feel  like your getting your own art up on a city wall… miniaturized. You can even put them together if you feel like representing the whole crew. Something to create, collect, and remember. MTN cans or markers can be used.

If you are from Spain or Portugal, you can buy it online through

Individual box with plastic protection.

Measurements:  Length-285mm. (11.4 in.), Width-10mm. (39 in.), Height-105mm. (4.13 in.)

Material: Clay molded brick. Joining one with another we´re able to form an authentic Hall-of-Fame.

Reusable: As if it were a real wall, Wall2Wall can be painted on over and over again.

Wall2Wall is a project by Oscar Clemente, for Montana Colors.

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