From now on, under the tiltle “Buenos momentos” / “Good Times” ( the slogan already used by Done BTS – SG for his last individual expo in Barcelona and Valencia in 2009) we will be putting out a series of special snap-shots.

We brought you a special image a few days ago of the first snow fall. This time we have reserved the spot for a special character, MARK BODÉ, who was working on a mural in Miami recently.

What can we say about Mark that we haven’t already talked about? He is a well-known all over the world as having built up an extensive career as a graphic designer and as a huge representative of his father, Vaughn Bodé, who passed on the artistic heredity.

He has collaborated with Montana Colors on more than one occasion and has his own MTN Limited Edition.

“Franklin Gothic Green” (Mark Bodé, 2009)

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