As we’ve mentioned on MTN-WORLD, Montana Colors actively participated as a sponsor in PRIMARY FLIGHT in MIAMI, a few months ago. The event, which is one of the most important graffiti events in the USA, drew veterans, top artists, and young talents, of the spray-can art. So we took advantage of this huge meeting of minds and talents to revisit with NOAH BANKS, as producer, and RIME (MSK, AWR), as protagonist, after his experience in Europe in 2010, this time in the city of bass… Bounce!

RIME, a few months ago you took part in Primary Flight in Miami. How was the experience? Did you end up staying a few days extra?

Looking back, heading out to Miami this year was a successful and memorable experience. Like most artists who come down I stayed for the week the events were happening.

Since it’s the city of Miami Bass, and has a well-known club culture, we imagine you went to a few parties during your stay. What is the night-life like in Miami?

I would say that I did most of my drinking on the street, in front of the walls I was painting. Aside from that we went to a few art openings and after parties. Did a bit of classic Joe style dance moves at one club that was not on the bass tip. Also got down at a waterfront house party on the last night.

Speaking of graffiti, what kind of things did you see there? Was there anything that particularly surprised you?

This year was an overload of the best work coming from many top-notch writers. How & Nosm produced a really impressive wall. Anything MSK/ AWR related, The TMD’s or Dabs & Myla,  were all  some of my favorites.

Did you get the most from your scooter?

The scooter came in quite handy, especially when weaving in and out of traffic and for parking in South Beach.

We saw that you shared the main wall with Estria, Apex, Bam, Vogue, Chor Boogie, Neon, and Jase… how was that?

It was a pleasure working with those guys. They all had a great attitude and committed work ethic. I admire their ability to work for 16 hours straight on a wall, then somehow be able to show up at 9am the following morning to go at it again. I also go for many hours straight, but the difference is my morning starts at noon.

Morning people really impress me. Estria and Vogue did an exceptional job with the massive top to bottom warrior chicks.

We were recently sent this video by Noah Banks. The last time you two collaborated was for the experience in Barcelona; how do you think it turned out?

Working with Noah is always a pleasure. He is one of the few film guys out there that can work successfully without invading your space. Often i have to look around to see if he is still with me! If you were to ask Noah this same question about me, the first sentence would be nice but the second or third would be something about me being a pain in the ass with pushing my own ideas forward.

Noah has become very familiar with how much input or notes I provide during the editing process. I feel that it should be a collaborative venture between the camera man and the artist, hopefully without one invading too much on the other. In the end, all parties should feel proud to attach their names to any project they put their full attention into.

Why “Miamism”?

Lately, I been Ism’ing everything. It’s a popular old school add on to something or someone that exists.

And how was your tour of Europe? Pretty crazy in parts, we imagine? Would you like to return?

Any trip I have taken to Europe has been memorable. I went out to Europe on three occasions last year totaling about 54 days in six countries. I plan on returning again to Dublin, Ireland to attend this years All City Jam. With opportunities popping up randomly, I am sure that I will be out there at other points of 2011.

As for the Art Basel fair which coincides with the event, do you have anything interesting to tell us about that? From an artist’s point of view, what’s your opinion of the market situation? Do you benefit from it in any way?

It’s kind of strange for me to keep throwing the name Art Basel around every time I talk about trips down to Miami in December. The truth is that I have never gone into the Art Basel convention in both years I’ve attended. There was just too much great work going on outside for me to slow it down and head indoors. I come to Miami for the graffiti and any art shows related, that’s just the truth of the matter.

In this current video by Noah Banks, the dude got it right when he said “the art outside is more beautiful than the art going on inside”, comparing the murals to gallery events.

I’m saying, why leave your cold ass cities in December, to go down to Miami and spend the bulk of your time indoors? If I had it my way, art making, observing and appreciation would always be an outdoor activity.

We imagine you’ll be taking part in lots of projects in 2011. At what point in your career as a writer do you find yourself? And as an illustrator?

It’s kind of hard to gage where I’m at, or how my career compares to last year or the year before. I do know that I travelled more in 2010 than in any other year. On the plane back from Panama last week, I counted up the amount of time I spent out town and compared it to the amount of time I spent home. With just under 10 months of travel and 2 months of laying at home watching Netflix in my boxers, I’d say it’s been a very productive year! The hope is that all of this effort put in leads to new opportunities and projects in 2011. I want to work on some new and innovative stuff this year, so hit me up if you have something good!

* ‘Revok’ by Rime

Any final words for the followers of MTN-WORLD?

Being a graffiti writer in 2011 is exhausting! Worldwide seems to be the ongoing standard, never mind All City.

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