The spirit of the Ink and Movement (IAM) project, is the intention to create collaborations of the most internationally relevant urban artists from Spain, for the development of a joint creative project, present all over the world, using expositions and montages made exclusively for the project.

Why Ink and Movement? Ink and movement are two basic components of any piece; they are the basic materials of a joint piece created from all over the world. The Ink and Movement project is routed in the two basic elements which characterize urban art, and what makes it differ from other contemporary artistic statements: the gesture of a line being drawn, and the reaffirmation of the Ego.

To celebrate a day as special as this, we’ll have a live-painting from the artists; Rosh,Spok and Okuda; accompanied on the decks by the guys from Ink&Muzik Team, and our crew from Madrid Kingz Flava, who will be doing a Bboying showcase, with which he’ll be revealing his recently inaugurated MKF Academy.

January 20th 2011. Inauguration from 7 pm.

Montana Shop Madrid. Calle Caballero de Gracia 9

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