Herokid has the pleasure of presenting us with the second chapter of the Concrete Walls Project supported by Montana Colors / Mtn-World.com.

“Shouts of color, flooding the outskirts of Barcelona”

GR 170 was born, and now paints and lives, in the outskirts of Barcelona. He began painting in 2001, and now considers himself to be “a painting addict, who loves painting on the streets, and the stale smell of plastic (paint) in the morning”.

Due to the zero tolerance police, and the hypocrisy of the government bodies behind it, the creation of murals on the streets of Barcelona has become more and more restricted. For this, and other, reasons, the majority of murals created are illegal, and done with no profit in mind, in abandoned factories, tunnels, motorway bridges, and any other places with big cement walls which are not watched over by police.

More color on the streets!

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