From time to time in the graffiti scene, I see some guys using some fluorescent colors in their pieces. Usually it’s only for a little touch or blending, but i wanted to go further and try a full fluorescent piece (not just the outline, for an obvious reason, the covering factor). Why would you do this? So that your piece will stand out among the others and achieve maximum impact because of the vibrant colors.

In 2009 I made my first attempt at this at a local hall of fame. It created impact as I had expected it to.

I used all the colors of the MTN Hardcore brand in this one. My only regret is that the red and orange are too similar, so you can’t achieve a good shading.

Using fluorescent requires more painting time because you have to paint your fill-in in white or other pale color before actually using the neon paint, so it can cover more. Expect a lot of bad smell from the fumes too. Because of the weak covering power of the paint, I did my outline in one shot without cutting it to make it clean, so no mistakes could be allowed.

One year later i tried again in the Can You Rock Graffiti Jam here in Montreal. I know that usually in a jam the place becomes quickly jam packed with wild styles, where your piece is lost in the sea of graffiti. I decided to retry the trick and do a bold simple neon piece so it would stand out from the masses. Unfortunately I only used the yellow (94 brand) and lost some impact as I think the orange and red are the colors that really the most vivid.

Nevertheless it was fun pairing with Klor, Scien and Wun for a funky wall.

For more photos of the event click here.

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