During 2010, you were able to enjoy a large variety of forms and styles in our programmed expositions in the MONTANA GALLERY BARCELONA space.

One of the collections which stood out, without a doubt, is that of SANER, DHEAR, and NEUZZ. These three guys from MEXICO DF came across the ocean to show us their graphic interpretation of the images which circulate in their minds, products of their dreams, and fiction mixed with the traditional Mexican culture.

For a few weeks, they managed to bring us into their imaginary world, and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have a chat with them so that they could tell us more about their motivations.

This short documentary wouldn’t have been possible without the work done by Edu Bajotierra Producciones, and without the space generously offered to us by the Asociación de La Fundició del Poble Nou.

The work was done with various colors and ranges of MTN 94.

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