Yesterday 24th of February, SOZYONE GONZALEZ head back to the land in which he grew up, and back to the familiar space, ALICE BXL GALLERY (“One Million Murders” 2005 y “Le Grisbi”2007), to present his next exposition “VOYOV” 2011.

“Three years have passed since Sozyone’s last exhibition at the gallery. Today, he lives in Spain and travels around Europe with a rhythm of 2 solo shows per year and as many group shows. “VOYOV” proclaims the return of the prodigal son in his home town, bringing a new series of works on canvas and paper.”

The short documentary “VLTRAJE”, sponsored by MONTANA COLORS, which he co-directed and co-produced alongside DEMS, have also been shown.

We take this opportunity to show you some artworks of his last colective exhibition “Off the Wall” in Ginebra (Suiza) with BladeQuikJononeIkon, on which he used black tint R-9011 extracted from our HARDCORE.

‘LE FAUVE EST LÂCHÉ (MTN INK Nº1)’ Enamel on aluminium/108 x135 cm/Sozyone Gonzàlez/2010

‘LE FAUVE EST LÂCHÉ (MTN INK Nº2)’ Enamel on aluminium/108 x135 cm/Sozyone Gonzàlez/2010

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