It’s great to be able to see every member of the family enjoying graffiti, in front of a wall at this past POW WOW festival in Hawaii (pictures by Aaron Yoshino).

Who wouldn’t like to have parents like Scien and Klor? And their kids even seem to have promise! The future is in their hands… From Montana Colors, we want to thank all of our family!

We leave you some other photos of the event from inside “Loft In Space” and outside in the street by PrimeWill Barras, Wu Yue, Jeff Hamada, Suitman, Jasper Wong, Ekundayo, 123Klan, Aaron de la CruzKamea Hadar and Meggs, thanks to the courtesy – in order of appearance – of, and Acclaim Magazine.


(Pics by Aaron Yoshino)

(Pics: Acclaim Magazine)

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