You’ve probably already seen this video on the net. It’s one of the latest hyperactive BEN EINE productions.

The best part is that we have a few words from the director himself, Abbie Brandon, telling us about how the project came about and how it got developed:

“The doc was filmed over a weekend (plus a Friday night before and some neatening up on the Monday). Ben was painting 2 walls – one being ‘PRO PRO PRO’ on Ebor Street in East London, on the side of ad agency Mother London.”

“The other being ‘CALCULATE’ on Hollywell Lane, also in East London.”

“The ‘CALCULATE’ wall is one that Ben has previously and quite famously painted with ‘VANDALISM’. This time he had been invited to paint the wall by Moniker Art Fair.”

“A week or so earlier Ben had painted ‘ANTI ANTI ANTI’ on the opposite wall at the request of graphic design guru Neville Brody in conjunction with the Anti Design Festival. Mother loved the work and asked that he do something on their wall.

“Take this opportunity to inform that Ben has a show coming up (on April 12th) in San Francisco at White Walls Gallery where this film amongst other street art docs will be playing.”

“And me…. I am a filmmaker based in East London (handy!). I get involved in all sorts of projects, but this one was great fun.”

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