Interview with EARSNOT – IRAK CREW about the limited edition can for Montana Colors.

How did the collaboration with MONTANA COLORS come about for this Limited Edition?

Needed something to do.

At the time when the proposal came up, did you have a clear image of how you wanted it to be?


The feelings of this crew have been transmitted heaps of people through the designs on your T-shirts. What do you think they identify with?

Graffiti writing.

The design for the Limited Edition to us, looks direct and to the point, with subtle details which describe and represent you and the crew´s lifestyle. How do you see it? Can you describe a few of these elements.?

It’s the sticker logo on the can with some items i had drawn in illustrator already. No big deal.

What does the yellow represent?

My yellow tooth.

What are you going to do with your 100 Limited Edition cans?

Number and sign them.

How many members are currently in the IRAK crew?

I don’t know, maybe 20. It seems like less and less everyday.

We imagine you have so many fans outside of the US. One of yor channels to spread IRAK throughout the world has been ALIFE. How did that relationship come together and on what level are you all associated at the moment.

We work with each other. They’re from New York and I happen to not hate them.

What is necessary this day in age, to make a name for yourself in graffiti in the city of NYC, when many things cease to surprise at this point…?

You have to be a complete moron. That helps. A lot.

What are some of the things that have always called your attention to graffiti?

What? Graffiti it’s self.

And outside of the graff world?


What does one need in order to survive in a city like New York? What do you like most about the city? What pisses you off the most?

I hate doing email interviews. Really.

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