Herokid, in collaboration with Montana Colors/ Mtn-World, is pleased to announce the third chapter of “Concrete Walls Project” featuring VINO.

Cinematographer: Albert Salas/ Subtitles: Dominic Aloise/ Music: Laura Llopart/ Voice: Kader/ Edit 3d & Animation: Scar Studio.

“Oscar Wilde once said: The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about at all.

“1992 was when I discovered graffiti. A lot of things have changed since those first few years: the city, the trains, the conductors, and so many comrades from that era that just aren’t around anymore. However, if there’s one thing that that hasn’t changed, it’s been my passion for this game.”

“Graffiti is so different… just as is each and every writer. What I really respect about this whole thing, is that the universe is made up of sensations that envelope the mere concept of painting. Sensations that identify with the word “sacrifice”: getting up in the middle of the night, going to bed when the sun is coming up, or just not sleeping at all, braving the cold and being hungry, having to run until the point of vomiting, overcoming adversity, and being rewarded for brief gifts of colors thrown up on trains.”

“In my conception of graffiti, working as a team is fundamental. My clic and I aren’t looking for personal success, but success for all of us; all of our experiences enrich our lives equally: the smell of burnt rubber in the tunnels of Paris, the cold metal of Stockholm, having to make those quick dashes in Berlin, climbing through the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, or having to jump like nuts over the third rail in Amsterdam… experiences that we can’t ever go back and relive. To descend into such deep tunnels is like being close to hell, disappearing into the darkness and being chased by the police until you’re out of breath… maybe one day we’ll have to pay for all our sins… ’cause there is a fine line between ethics and our actions; we’re neither good nor bad, nor better or worse. We’re not looking for respect nor recognition, we’re simply trying to not leave the public detached. With some we are admired… others hate us… but who cares!?  Speak good or bad about someone… the important thing is that they talk… and even better… that they never forget.”

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