A couple of weeks ago we spent an amazing weekend in the town of Palafrugell, situated on the Costa Brava, Catalonia. We were to organize an exhibition para Moritz in the town’s main square where, during that weekend, just like every year, the main theme was ‘flowers and music’. And in such a relaxed and positive atmosphere, our contribution came via the talent with the aerosol can of Last Minute, on an hexagonal wooden structure, created by Gárgola Climbing. To compliment the creation of the main piece, we also got the public to take part, mainly the kids, bringing them in to participate in the final result by using stencils of different types of flowers. Here’s some photos and a few videos of the event. We hope you like them!

Special thanks to Gonzaga (Dont Panic Spain), SaweAbalon and cervezas Moritz.

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