We received this video production by TCLY from our distributor in Mexico, starring the Mexican writers, MINOZ & MEIZ, who are partaking in this mural which was originally started by Fafi, until Spok intervened, joined then by Erika il Cane. Fun and controversial! More pictures clicking here.

* Filmed by Alfonso Victoria (@Fakeelbow). Post-production: Fernando Martínez (@feynox).

Both have known each other since they were in school when, together, they began to draw what they saw around them on the streets of their neighborhood.

At the age of 14, they started to use spray paint, adding a realistic style to their work, and then began doing self-portraits on walls because they thought it was fun to see themselves on the streets of their neighborhood.

Bit by bit, they introduced other characters and developed other images, reaped from their imagination, thanks, in part, to the influence of other writers like “Coca” and “Chronic”.

All photography by M. Revelli (Juxtapoz Magazine)

* Thanks to Arturo and Lili from ‘Los Happy People‘ for sending us the information.

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