A week ago in Finland, amidst the activities held by the government of the ‘European Capital of Culture 2011’, the EUROCULTURED event took place, sponsored by Montana Colors. During approximately one week, in the city of Turku, the works of various artists were exhibited; Mr Jago, Turkesa, Sat One, Will Barras, Mr Kern, Elph, Asbestos, Bue, Nychos, Lucy Mclauchlan, Slotch, Krek, Dabl, Dreph, Ruse76, Virta, Marie, Capo, Osek, Matti, Jarno, Silli, Aku, Pallo, Fezee; with a special mention reserved for one of our most active arists within and beyond our borders: ARYZ.

Once the Scandinavian event ended, the UK version took over, beginning just yesterday, in the city of Manchester, to be attended by Turkesa, Dems, Sat One, Lucy Mclauchlan, Mr Jago, Akse P19, Matt Sewell, Hammo, Dabl, Bue The Warrior.

Here are some photos of the event in Finland, and we’ll soon have a video to follow. In a bit, we’ll also be able to show you the goings-on of the event in Manchester!

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