Fundación EXIT is a NGO which, for the past ten years, has been working on helping youths with a poor scholastic track record, and those that are at a risk of social exclusion, enter the labor market. They are now celebrating their tenth year, and they are doing so with a photographic exposition of one of the youths, now a photographer, Sammy Echaf, who took photographic portraits of some of his companions in the foundation for this 20 photo series.

On each photo, 20 artists (Andrea Btoy, Anja, Ariz, Edjinn, El Edu, Fasim, Ibie, JLoca, Kader, Kram, Owen – live painting at MACBA-, Pere Vilardebó, Puke, Rostro, Sawe, Shaggy, Sendys, Trepax, Yrene Ruiz and Zeta) have worked their own magic with various artistic techniques (spray, oil, water-colors, etc…) and the sale of each piece will go towards the financing of the work done by Fundació Exit.





You’ll be able to view the pieces from the 2nd of June in MACBA, and from the 31st of May till the 4th of June in the ART & DESIGN BARCELONA gallery (check the location on the map).

As said by Kader in the press release, “It’s not the first time that the foundation has shown its worth through Street Art; creativity, innovation, and giving a voice to the most vulnerable groups in our society, are what can best bring us together. Many times, spray paint has been the tool for expressing what youths have learned on the street, and what they have used to escape. The pieces on display are extraordinary, and they transmit so well the enthusiasm of youths who fight to create a more fair society, and one with more solidarity.”

* Thanks to David G. Esteban for the pictures.

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