With the first stop in HAMBURG, this is the beginning of the diary of TAD crew from Saint Petersburg. Make sure you don’t miss the rest of the dates, as there’ll be fresh material throughout the whole tour:

Yesterday we came to Hamburg. This is the first city in our European trip.

We met Flying Fortress here, a really fantastic man and dope guide later on. First thing he did after we met him in Under Pressure graff store was to take us to a really good wall. Just check out the photos to see it. I should say that the weather was really sweet here, cause in Saint-Petersburg it’s rainy 100% of the time! After finishing the wall we went to a Chinese restaurant which FF recommended to us. Then there was a big walk until 3 am, most of it spent in St. Pauli. There were such good bars and chicks!!! We want to give a big thanks to Flying Fortress, Most, Einz, and Golden Green!

Now we have to go to Berlin.. to check out what’s going on there. See you soon!


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