The well-known festival, which you’re definitely well aware of if you’re a habitual reader of MTN WORLD, decided to expand its confines in 2011 and celebrate the competition in both New York (Brooklyn BodegaBk Hip Hop Festival, Brooklyn), as well as the city of its birth, Los Angeles.

Here’s a video of the Brooklyn event this past July, passed to us by Mike Bam:

Final pieces:

Doves (1st place)

Meres (2nd place)

Cern (3rd place)

If that wasn’t enough, this phase of the pre-qualifiers will continue in Honolulu this September and will end in Oakland in October, where the finals will be held.

Thanks to Estria and Paloma Belara for the excellent work they’re doing, to the NYC writers involved (Reds AM7, Python PIC, Doves TC5, Cern YMI, Sade TCM, Rain VS, Meres X-Men, Totem1 FC, Demer Wallnuts, Queen Andrea AOK, Erotica67, Clark FlyID) and to Chino BYI, Keo TC5 as judges of the battle.

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