You can’t ask a mother which one of her children is her favorite and, although we’re light years from being a mother, the artists that exhibit their work in our gallery are all just as important to us because, in one way or another, through the work they put on display, they open our eyes to other realities.

Yesterday, Rosh inaugurated “Grow with the Flow” in Montana Shop Barcelona; an exposition full of pieces that share the strength of water which gently soak us with the softness of the colors and forms. The images easily enter the retina and stay fixed in the memory.

Laughter, something to drink, great music, and the same warm atmosphere that make our art openings unmissable, all blended together to offer the perfect backdrop to this graffiti writer’s body of work.

But this is just a brief summary; the best thing to do is just to come see it.

Photos by Rodrigo Mirando.

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