PEACK aka AS2PEACK is a 30 year old writer born in Marseille. He represents the crews RTM, PM and Greetings; in fact, he formed the GREETINGS crew with GRIS (LIME).

Interview by Ogre.

What does a crew represent for you?

It depends on which one. RTM, is the family. 15 years together, beginning with the nights on the motorways or the track-sides, doing all the unimaginable and ridiculous bullshit that youngsters usually do. Even if i am the only one still really active, it remains really important for me to still mention it.

PM is an evolution, as I am becoming more open-minded, starting to open myself to other things, concept walls and color pieces, weekend walls. Joining a crew with a certain level makes me evolve.

We started to get invited to jams, to travel. And then GREETINGS is more a personal thing with GRIS/LIME.

Speak to us a bit more about the creation, how did the name come about?

At a certain point I started to be more “sociable”, I went out and met people, and there was one guy who I would often contact who was particularly cool; Gris. One day as we were talking, we discovered that we lived in the same neighborhood, at the same distance from a hall of fame. So the ritual began; the first one to wake up would call the other one, we’d meet for a coffee and then go to paint. That was a prolific period for both of us and we got to a point where we started something just for us. A bit tired of using just initials, we looked for a word to define the feeling in our paintings. The first choice was Highlight but we abandoned it as we noticed that a design company already had that name. After thinking about it for ages, we came to “GREETINGS”, a postcard word, perfect for symbolizing great moments, great memories, and the trips we made together for graffiti.

You lived in Belgium, can you speak to us about this period in your life?

In 2007, I was invited with other people from Marseilles to a crazy jam in Brussels. 11 days, 50000m2, and a hundred of writers. And amidst all of that, something bigger than meeting Belgian writers happened; I met a girl. It’s the only reason to Marseilles; love…so here I am in Belgium.

Tired of painting with 20 people, when you have to sacrifice yourself to please everybody , I decided to not tell people about my arrival. I only paint with people that share my vision of graffiti, dope people, as much on a human side as on a writing side. We do things between two or three people, with no “prizes de tete”. The quality of life associated with working like this makes me feel like I am breathing again in my painting. Thanks to BRIO, DEFO, BLANCBEC, EYESB and some others…

Another important aspect is the trains. I never really liked doing trains but there it was so easy there that it would have been criminal to not do some…

How would you define your style?

It all started with a TKID panel, the one with a girl with garter. With this piece, I think I lost vision in each eye from looking at it. I don’t know why exactly but it still makes me vibrate. Then I discovered german graffiti; GFA, OBS, BTN etc…

My trip to Berlin confirmed for me what I already knew; it’s the german style that I get along most with. All my pieces start from a tag, I have it in my mind always and turn it in every way. I think of ways of making it bigger while still keeping my style. That’s why I also quickly stopped writing my name on the walls. I write the word that I have in my mind, even if it already exists.

Anything to add?

People I love already know it; thanks for everything. The next generation is arriving, watch your step! As a really well known philosopher once said; “Game, not Fame”…

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