“Brazo de Hierro” (Arm of Iron) may sound like the name of a superhero to you or, better yet, a supervillain. But no, behind this name lies a photographer from Girona; born in ’84 and wielding a camera since 2003, he is known for his presence in the world of graffiti and for his focus on portraits and advertising.

Moving away from traditional photography, on the 20th of October in Montana Café Barcelona (C/ Comerç, 4) from 7.30 pm, Brazo de Hierro will present an exposition in which we’ll see the result of his work of the last few months, based on an exercise in photographic experimentation, shown in a silk-screen format. This will be a series made up of ten anonymous portraits of different Barcelona writers… you might just be able to make out who’s who if you squint your eyes.

There will be four signed and numbered copies of each portrait for sale in Montana Shop Barcelona (C/ Comerç, 6). Make sure you don’t miss this event… and don’t forget to pick up a signed copy!

* Extra special thanks to Cervezas Moritz for his collaboration.

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