Aryz (Palo Alto, CA, 1988) is presenting a solo exposition for the first time with a series of oil paintings combined with fabrics and drawings, and the challenge is for him to paint in a reduced size. The exposition ‘Hello World’ will transform the Montana Gallery space completely into the unmistakeable universe of an artist.

“On canvas, paper, or a wall you thought was too big to conquer, Aryz’s creepy palette and wonderful characters seem to breathe just above the surfaces they sit on. The graceful-if-grotesque subjects and environments offer a strangely comforting space while keeping all the guts and teeth in the right place. Aryz is making some powerful work at an important time, and I look forward to watching what he does next.”

Aesop Rock (american artist and producer)

* The opening will take place tomorrow 24th starting at 8pm. The exhibition will run from November 25th until January 21st , 2012.

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