We’re inaugurating a section on MTN-WORLD, courtesy of Montana Shop Madrid, who’ll be periodically bringing us these ‘VERSUS’ battles on the wall between writers from different neighborhoods. This series already started last year with Jeosm vs Raer, and continues with what we have for you today; Reve vs Mamon.

What will be the next battle? Well, you have to wait a few more days to find out!

* Pictures by Jeosm!

Third degree…

> AKA, Crew, neighborhood… Reve-Asco, 127 acp, suburbs

It all started… in the ’90s

I love… my daughter

Tell us who you find yourself up against on the wall… MAMON, it’s only good shit with him

You’ll next hear about me… “for the face”

> AKA, Crew, neighborhood… Mamon, huérfano, central Alcorcón (Madrid)

It all started… in ’96 with a few tags

I love… sleeping, being with those I love, and smoking…

Tell us who you find yourself up against on the wall… REVE. Pure style from the other side of Madrid… no frills, raw like sushi!

You’ll next hear about me… in your headphones…worrrrd!

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