It’s clear that the revolution will not be televised… but that doesn’t mean it can be silenced. The event curated by Zeta, “Pintadas de la Revolución” will be held at the Casa Arabe in Madrid.

It consists of a series of 247 photographs, two videos – one of them about Egypt and another one about graffiti and murals in Libya – and the web page Cairo Street Art – it has a interactive map created by the writer Ganzeer – which reflects on the climate of the arab countries revolutions that they’ve been immersed in lately. As he told us, “finding ‘inspiration’ it´s not so difficult, just take a look at this link“.

This exposition will until February 26th. By the look of things, we highly recommend it.

Egypt © Soraya Morayef

Egypt © Isaías Barreñada

Egypt © JoAnna Pollonais

Libya © Gonzalo Wancha

Tunis © Faten Rouissi

Yemen © Jameel Subay

© Ganzeer

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