Belgian writer and artist P.H. arrived in Barcelona and discovered the fountain of inspiration that he was missing in order to develop his art. For four years he was dedicated to complete his education in product design. He wanted to leave his mark in the city streets and develop his artistic evolution into an abstract style in which combines shapes and colors, but keeps a strong bond with graffiti represented by the pervasive black line in every one of his pieces.

On Saturday, March 24th at Montana Café we will be showing of a series of work on canvas done in 2011 to 2012 called “Psycho-delicious”. He revealed his recipe to us:

“The formula for my work can be summarized in four steps”:

1. Wash and cut up a portion of graffiti.

2. Select the best parts, toss them into the blender, grind up for a few seconds.

3. Pour out the contents onto a piece of canvas.

4. Leave it in the fridge for thirty minutes, and poof!… it’s all ready to serve!

We encourage you to come by and get a taste of his latest creations, some beer courtesy of Moritz and some other sweet surprises.

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