It’s been awhile since we had the pleasure to watch this video in which various artists painted an airplane for the Boneyard Project. “What is it?”, you may ask. Well, it’s what happened when some street and graffiti artists got mixed up with the Pima Aviation Museum in Arizona.

The idea came about back in 2010, got started last year, and thanks to the success that these painted giants of metal have aquired, they’ll be doing the same deal this year once again.

The event was commissioned by Med Sobio and Lesley Oliver and participants include many stars and living legends: Aiko, Peter Dayton, Shepard Fairey, Futura, How & Nosm, Mare, Tara McPherson, Richard Prince, Lee Quinones, Saner, Kenny Scharf and JJ Veronis decorated different parts of planes and random military paraphernalia. Also Colin Chillag, Crash, Daze, Daniel Marin Diaz, Tristan Eaton, Jameson Ellis, Ron English, Faile, Eric Foss, Mark Kostabi, Lisa Lebofsky, El Mac, Alex Markwith, Walter Robinson, Hector Ruiz, Randy Slack, Ryan Wallace and Eric White did the same thing, along with many others.

Here are some photos that are sure to make your jaw hit the floor.

Photo source:  The Flop Box

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