We were in Lisbon last week, accompanying Vino and a few other followers during his trip to the Portuguese capital. While there, we had the pleasure of attending the ‘Scenes‘ exposition in Montana Shop & Gallery Lisboa.

For the project, to portray the emotions and sensations that a writer feels during a train mission, Vino recruited the help of the photographer, Rodrigo Mirando, the restless tracker of all things graffiti. So, the exposition consists of a series of photos which, first hand, immortalize scenes lived during such creations in the city of Lisbon, which were done the nights leading up to the event.

A daring project which shows a true portrait of the most authentic face of graffiti, it does so, paradoxically, without showing a single piece of work. To see the pieces themselves, all you have to do is go to Lisbon’s central train station and wait for his decorated trains to pass; they should be in circulation right at this moment.

Here are some images of the powerful presentation (Marked photos by Rodrigo Mirando).

Also, don’t miss out on the Goodfellas account of the whole journey went.

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