A few weeks ago, the representatives from Montana Colors in Nottingham sent us one of the latest collaborations of the fireproof Dilk, this time with the English magazine, Leftlion, which dedicated the cover of its most recent edition number 46, along with an ample retrospective. Here’s the video which they made of the collaboration:

Taking advantage of the anniversary of 10 years together with Dilk, he recalled to us, with a certain longing, how it all began:

I started with a shop called Coverage in West End Arcade ten years ago, but I’d taken it as far as I could and wanted more space and some natural light. I had my eye on Hockley for ages and I’d always had a great relationship with Montana Colors, who are a spray paint company from Barcelona. They invited me down to their head office, had a meeting, and talked about opening a branch here – it’s the only one in the UK; so it goes Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Nottingham.”

If you don’t know of the British writer and artist, here’s a recent interview he did, from C.M.C. (“Cap Matches Color”).

Steven and Silvia, to many more years!

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