The Herokid clothing line has formed a new partnership for their latest audiovisual production. This time it’s Iser (TDC-GI) from Barcelona who immerses us, in a way that is very close to us, in his passion: tagging. With the production quality from Herokid to which we’ve become accustomed, they once again demonstrate to us that the sky is the limit.

He began painting in 1997, then becoming one of the most prolific and highest quality writers in the Catalan capital city. Since then, he has dabbled in various disciplines within the graffiti sphere, but he has never stopped doing tags.

His tags have traveled from Barcelona to New York, and his contribution even extends past his work on the streets with one of the most powerful groups on the local scene: TDC. These contributions range from his well-known collaborations with Goodfellas Magazine, or his legendary blog StreetGato (which is now no more).

He loves tagging and he defines it as the most pure, intuitive, and visceral part of graffiti. He likes any tool that helps him do it. It forms part of his life; it is, simply, his way of life in the city. But he also warns: you’ve got to stay alert, because it’s also the easiest way to get caught.

As said by Notorious B.I.G., ‘Sky’s the limit’…and that says it all.

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