Last thursday “Agnostic Fonts“, the expo by Tilt was presented in the Montana Gallery Barcelona. Tilt surprised the audience by turning the gallery into a church. The Frenchman’s title of the show is a wordplay that on one side is a parody in the name of mythic hardcore punk group Agnostic Front, and at the same time ironizing the content of his work. Tilts new bases to paint his throw-ups on are nothing more and nothing less than colorful church windows.

In black boxes with rounded tops on a black background these windows gave a surprising finish. Some of them containing known phrases from modern culture, graffiti or hip hop, and others displaying the pompous “bubble” styles in true Tilt fashion.

Standing out amongst the rest, one of the pieces is saying “Graffiti is not an art, its the application of a medium to a surface” as in the classic movie of Style Wars, another one having images of classic drawings of Vaughn Bode, one of the Hardcore Montana can, and why not… one of a dildo. The content is very much in line of this Tolouse artist who clearly shows us in what his own “religion” is based.

On the opposite wall there is older material from the writer, aquarelle paintings showing popular icons like the Rolling stones logo, Marilyn Monroe, Cheech Wizard and many others…

The opening of the show was a great success with more people than expected, (this from the point that the show was on the same dates as the event Swab) out of wich many where characters from either the graffiti or the street-art scene.

And also, photographer Rodrigo Mirando was there with one eye closed and the other looking thru the lens to capture what we can enjoy right here….

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