Lush certainly is  the harshest writer who  has appeared in recent years. Pieces and drawings of sharp and sometimes offensive humor  are his weapons of choice that leave no stone unturned. Even so Lush has gone way further with his  ironic and controversial project … so we have decided to interview him. Here he presents us his new project.

Lush, where are you now?
In London, England I’m going to be competing in the special Olympics in the amputee fencing events and raising awareness about my cause.

What is Toyvision? Is this an ONG?
Toyvision gives thousands of toys hope, we are trying to turn the tide for these kids out there (Also some over the age of thirty that are having a mid life crisis).

All of the donations are used to educate, inform and nourish toys worldwide.

Where do the toys live?
They are at your school, in your workplace, in your pub, at the hall of fame and riding on trains doing nothing in particular in every corner of the planet.

How did you select them?
Selection occurs via social media sites, finding them in their natural habitats. We introduce them to our program mostly via their facebook pages where they have posted red hot photos of themselves with lots of drugs in front of an illegal piece they just painted on a local grocery store.

Is the toy situation a big international problem?
Aids, poverty, hunger, cancer. These problems are dwarfed by the real problem, toys.

How can the donators follow their investment?
Each donator will recieve a sponsorship pack and a handwritten thank you letter from the toy they sponsor.

Do you know this Cope 3 guy? Is he a member of your program?

Cope3 is a hardcore underground bomber who keeps it very low key, you might spot him at a cigar shop or pointing at something somewhere around London. He also loves big pieces of steak and threatening all manner of people.

What advice would you give a toy?
Break it down to simple letters for a start, take in what others say, don’t try be someone you are not and eat your vegetables.

What are your goals with this ong?
To eradicate the toy problem by the year 2020.

What do you think will be the public reaction?
I believe that most people have had many brushes and run ins with toys. No one likes a toy, there are toys in all forms and shapes. Not just graffiti.

And the toy reaction?
At first they will slag it off, but as they get the nourishment they need they will come to a realization that they can be a better person.

In which way MTN COLORS can help you? And do you think our help will be enough?

Free paint, keep these toys practicing and perfecting their artform.

Do you believe that this action, in some measure,  will fill the gap generated by cuts in culture caused by the global crisis?

It will help to some degree.

Don’t you think that some famous writers, with financials problem, would like to be considerated toys to receive some of  the toydivision help?
Financial problems aren’t usually the cause, for the younger set of toys this is an issue. Access to good provision helps them a lot towards a better life. People who are toy with money isn’t an easy issue to fix.

A toy is made or born?
A toy is just a little bit lost and needs guidance to a better path.

There’s an age limit to be a toy?
I’ve met toys of all ages, its more of a mindframe then an age issue.

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