Herokid, in collaboration with MTN-World, is pleased to present the fifth and final chapter of the saga Concrete Walls Project this time with catalan (from Barcelona) writer SAWE *.

Sometimes the stars align and combine images that shock the viewer’s retina. Sometimes that happens and when it does, all you can do is sit, contemplate and enjoy.

It happened to us with this video. We hope that it also conquers you  and puts a smile on your face.

Music by Laura Llopart. Cinematographer: Albert Salas. Edit 3D & animation: Herokid Studio.

Supported by MTN-World.com.

* Born In Barcelona, this Catalan writer studied illustration and carries on working in this field. Since 2001, when he picked up his first rattle can, he has yet to cease proliferating. Through investigations in plastic arts, a new world has opened up to his work and without forgetting the truest roots of graffiti, he melds the two like alchemy. Composition emerges from his imagination often after spending countless hours standing between a blank wall and his own subconscious. 1950’s era American comics, publicity mascots, or aleatory mutations began as simple influences and have  grown into the pillars of his repertoire.

As a sampler, Sawe absorbes, transformes, adaptes and always surprises.


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