The legendary figure Jean Giraud, aka Moebius, left us this past March, but his spirit and essence remain with us through his immortal work, and in the retinas and minds of his millions of supporters throughout the world.

He knew how to transmit his fascination of volume and surfaces to different generations, with a surreal and fantastical discourse, dominated by imaginary worlds populated by beings from another planet. He created graphic novels such as ‘The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius’, ‘Arzach’, and ‘The Incal’, which he did alongside the versatile writer Alejandro Jodorowsky, as well as storyboard and costume designs for the cinematic world of the likes of Ridley Scott, George Lucas, and David Lynch, in big productions such as Tron, Alien, Abyss, and the Fifth Element. And we can’t forget his particular style of animating his characters, reflected in pieces like ‘Arzak Rhapsody’ and ‘Thru The Moebius Strip’.

“Drawing is very precise work, it’s a dream, a way of changing the world”. *

Like so many other teenagers and adults, many graffiti writers and artists found a new and revolutionary concept in his work, a unique and subtle language, a magnetic style which takes you, and a motivation to take to the wall.

Knowing this, from Montana Gallery Barcelona, we’ve found the perfect moment to pay homage to the genius that is Moebius with a collective exhibition commissioned by Anna Dimitrova and Albert Pons. It will involve original pieces from 35 renowned artists and young creatives with varying styles, but all with one thing in common, at least in this expo; the influence of and love for this master’s work… Alberto Orduña aka Blobs, Andrea Michaelson aka Btoy, D.O.C.S. (Pant, Bloke), DemsDhearEgsEl MacEl Niño de las PinturasEnric Sant aka Kikx, Fasim, Thabeat Valera, GritoHerbert BaglioneIlia MayerJabaKarina EibatovaKeisKenorKramLaHeLiquenMark Bodé, Omega TBS, Pelucas, Popay, Resto, Roid, RoshSaweSatoneSaturnoGeorgina CiottiTurkesa, and Zenoy.

‘Gir’ hasn’t left us, he is traveling through parallel universes with Coltrane streaming through his ear-phones, day-dreaming of new perspectives and imagining new characters to populate his structured universes.

“I have the desire to be a different artist, strong and free in the tradition of contemporary art. Moebius is more of a dream, but a waking dream. I follow a very strong signal; my hand and my pen”. *

* Statements taken from an interview in the publication Serie B Magazine # 22 (2008).

Inauguration: thrusday 12nd of July from 8 pm. Exhibition from 13rd of July until 1st of September.

Montana Gallery Barcelona. C/ Comerç, 6. 08003. Barcelona.

Image by Mark Bode.

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