Continuing with our “banner artist series” we present to you YUBIA, a writer from  Bilbao who draws on one of our flagship products, the MTN 94, to develop her creativity around it. Thank you!

Tell us a little about your background? Why did you start painting and with whom? When did you start?

I began to experience the world of graffiti while I was in college, my best friend started painting and I got the bug; before that I made sketches, still I could not bring myself to do a piece on a wall before 2002.

You studied Fine Arts in Bilbao… To what extent that influenced your approach to graffiti?

Ever since childhood I have been drawing, I have always done it  and I knew even back then that I wanted to do something creative, so I studied art. There I met people with whom we just clicked when it came to  making walls. Still, I believe I would have painted graffiti even if I hadn´t  studied fine arts, as I became interested in this world before University.

What was your relationship with the students in the faculty from your position as a writer?

Those who knew me, knew that I painted, the rest I don´t know, I guess some did because occasionally people would come to ask for a can or two for a homework project as if we got them for free… Anyways, the fact that I painted didn´t put me in a different position from that of my colleagues. Graffiti has always been parallel to my studies.

How would you explain where your style comes from?

At first I opted for a “very clean” styling – staying inside the lines, looking for the aesthetics of a “sticker”. Over time I have evolved and now I try more to express myself and have fun than do a clean cut piece.

You became famous  in the graffiti world for your gentle and sweet lines and pastel colors… gradually your pieces have changed, have become edgier… Is it because of the new city? What influences you?

I guess growing old makes us evolve, before I liked it like that, now I have more fun doing it as I do. Changing the city is not the reason for the change, but I guess living in a city with so many different styles opens your  mind and  influences the way you paint.

What motivates you to keep painting?

Basically, it is fun, I enjoy it individually and together with the people around me and in my circle of painting.

What are your goals?

Continue to enjoy painting.

What would make you stop painting?

If it is no fun anymore.

Do you consider yourself a constant writer?

At times, I mean, like a normal person I have my life and my chores, so there are times when I can be more constant and others in which  because of work, time or money I cannot…

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